About Us


Alpha Zulu Logistics LLC was founded in September of 2018 with our first package delivery on October 17, 2018 with five routes going out that day.  We now deliver over 50,000 packages a week throughout the greater Denver-metro area.

Our founder, Will Boyd, has leveraged his leadership and military experience commanding route clearance operations as a combat engineer with his nerdy side in aerospace manufacturing to create a top tier Delivery Service Partner for Amazon.

What Drives Us:

We value our diverse team of industrial athletes from all walks of life and different career stages.  Our common tenants are:

1.       Safety – first and in all we do!

2.       Quality – focus on making a quality delivery for our customers with a smile!

3.       Teamwork – makes the dream work!

4.       Efficiency – we don’t rush; we master the basics and turn that into a highly efficient operation.

You’ll Find it Here:

Our namesake and logo are reflective of the discipline of our operation steeped in military tradition with a nod to Amazon’s “A to Z” product selection and the space technology that makes next day delivery possible. 

Alpha – the NATO phonetic alphabet term to denote the character “A”

Zulu – the NATO phonetic alphabet term to denote the character “Z”

The dot at the top of our logo represents a GPS satellite in orbit with its field of view cast as a shadow over planet earth.